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Technical tours, Friday 16 September 2016

Tours II-III are organised in parallel. Tour IV, which starts after Tours iI-III, can be taken as an additional option for these tours or separately.

Tour I: Outokumpu Tornio mill - cancelled


Tour II: Energy production

TA group
Gas generator at micro CHP scale, using wood chips as a fuel. The unit produces most of the heat and electricity for the 32 apartments in the Hiukkavaara area.

Location: Liikkujantie 1, Oulu

Oulun Energia Oy

Oulun Energia is the leading energy company in Northern Finland, employing nearly 400 professionals of the energy industry. The operations cover the entire value chain of the energy industry from the production of raw materials, electricity and heat to sales and distribution of energy and a wide range of services including smart energy services, network management, subcontracting and maintenance services.

Two power plants are visited:

  • Laanila Eco Power Plant, (Typpitie 1, 90620 Oulu) 50 MW Waste to Energy Plant which uses municipal solid waste as a fuel. Started operation on 2012. The eco power plant, located in the Kemira industrial park, also produces steam used in Kemira's industrial processes and for generation of electricity and heat.

More information:

  • Toppila CHP Power Plants, (Tervahovintie 10, 90520 Oulu) 267 MW and 315 MW units which uses peat and wood as a fuel. The plant produces annually approximately 40% of electricity and 90% of district heat of Oulun Energia.

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Tentative schedule:
8:00 Departure from Oulu City Theatre 
TA group
Oulun Energia 
14:00 – 15:00 Lunch at University of Oulu

Tour III: Radio Technology and Printed Intelligence

Factory tour at Nokia's Radio Technology Center Site

More information:

PrintoCent Pilot Factories, including the new 5G Test Environment and Maxi IoT pilot line at VTT PrintoCent Innovation Center is a world class design, development and manufacturing  environment for Printed Intelligence and Optical Measurements. PrintoCent has wide global reach with its international member companies and partners.

Tentative schedule:
8:00 Departure from Oulu City Theatre 
8:30 – 10:30 Nokia's Radio Technology Center Site 
11:30 – 13:30 VTT
14:00 – 15:00 Lunch at University of Oulu

Tour IV: Mining Engineering

University of Oulu
The Oulu Mining School (OMS) aims to integrate scientific disciplines along the value chain from exploration to mining and mineral processing. OMS has a unique continuous and automated concentrator mini-pilot facility with a capacity of 30 kg/h of ore. It is based on the flowsheet of the Pyhäsalmi mine concentrator at a scale of 1:5000 and is ideal for research and educational purposes.

Tentative schedule: 
14:00 – 15:00 Lunch at University of Oulu
15:00 – 16:00 Mini-pilot facility




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