Scope and Topics


Automation has reduced the frequency of man-machine physical interaction; however, it has increased the complexity of human interventions. Therefore, it is not always evident that when the degree of automation increases, the number of accidents decreases. Accidents often occur during maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing and usually because the machine starts up unexpectedly. Better understanding about these conditions of man-machine interface as well as development of methods, means and tools to control them needs to be considered. This conference takes a close look at research and development in industrial from safety viewpoint. The conference will be of interest to work systems end-users, designers and occupational health & safety experts interested in the general theme of Safety of Industrial Automated Systems. The planned topics describe a non-exhaustive list of suggested themes. Other topics related to the scope will be considered. Texts, posters and oral presentations will be in English.

Proposed topics

Safety of machinery

  • Safety concepts and principles
  • Design rules and strategy
  • Engineering-ergonomics multidisciplinarity in safety research
  • Collaboration with autonomous machines

Risk assessment

  • Hazard identification, historic experience, mitigation
  • Methodologies

Practical applications/experiences

  • Accident analysis and investigation
  • Economics of safety

Human and organisational factors

  • Organizational design, management and leadership
  • Socio-technical system approach to automation safety
  • Safety culture

Protective devices and systems

  • Safety of autonomous machines, robots and cobots
  • Intelligent personal protective equipment

Control system designs and evaluations

  • AI and safety
  • Digital twins
  • Cybersecurity
  • XR technologies improving safety

Standardization and regulations

  • Standardization in the safety of machinery
  • Effects of new EU regulations

Functional safety

  • SIL’s and PL’s of intelligent devices
  • Experiences of new functional safety standards

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