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# Title Authors
1 Robotiikan mahdollisuudet rakentamisessa Jukka Koskinen, Timo Salmi, Pekka Kilpeläinen and Pertti Lahdenperä
2 Learning compliant assembly skills from human demonstration Markku Suomalainen and Ville Kyrki
3 Quality control of silicon wafers by spatial analysis of wafer maps Mika Liukkonen, Philip O'Leary and Yrjö Hiltunen
4 Machine learning tools for analyzing the quality of fiber-based corrugated medium Mika Liukkonen, Jukka Silvennoinen and Yrjö Hiltunen
5 Estimating the dynamic characteristics of natural gas transmission systems Hans Aalto
6 Real-time measurement system for determining metal concentrations in water-intensive processes Ekaterina Nikolskaya, Mika Liukkonen and Yrjö Hiltunen
7 Machine Learning for Intelligent Maintenance Pasi Ojala
8 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Process Industry Samuli Bergman, Alexandre Boriouchkine, Tomi Lahti and Toni Oleander
9 Advanced Process Control with Redundant DCS Communication using OPC UA Lauri Haapanen, Olli Luukkainen and Lauri Saurus
10 OPC UA with Publish/Subscribe is now ready to apply for IOT on the process industry Tomi Lahti and Lauri Saurus
11 Robotized therapy after stroke --- a game prototype Jarmo Alander, Thomas Höglund and Sami Lauronen
12 Towards online adaptation of digital twins Riku-Pekka Nikula, Marko Paavola, Mika Ruusunen and Joni Keski-Rahkonen
13 Unsupervised machine learning model for hear flow monitoring in a geothermal energy storage in a near-zero-energy building. Igor Trotskii and Jukka Pulkkinen
14 Forecasting and optimization of the heat demand at city level Petri Hietaharju and Mika Ruusunen
15 Data-analysis of paste thickener Jari Ruuska, Riku-Pekka Nikula, Eemeli Ruhanen and Mika Kosonen
16 Are collaborative robots safe? Timo Malm, Timo Salmi, Ilari Marstio and Iina Aaltonen
17 Data Strategy in Service Development: Case Study for a facility management service company utilizing IoT Jukka Pulkkinen, Igor Trotskii and Khoa Dang
18 Abstract - On-Line Defect Detection and Classification in Abrasives Production using Machine Learning Thomas Höglund, Jarmo Alander and Timo Juhani Mantere
19 Architecture For Automation System Metrics Collection, Visualization and Data Engineering - HAMK Sheet Metal Center Building Automation Case Study Khoa Dang and Igor Trotskii
20 Addressing Resource Allocation Issues in Cloud Computing Environment with Ant Colony Optimization Timo Juhani Mantere, Janne Koljonen and Mingzhang Wu
21 Engaging building automation data visualization using  Building Information Modelling and Progressive Web Application Dat Huynh and Sy Nguyen
22 Reliability modeling in reliability-critical system development: case wave power Eetu Heikkilä and Janne Sarsama
23 An overview of the safety requirements for autonomous machines - review of standards Risto Tiusanen, Timo Malm and Ari Ronkainen
24 Programming and control for skill-based robots Janne Saukkoriipi, Tapio Heikkilä, Jari Ahola, Tuomas Seppälä and Pekka Isto
25 5G Based Machine Remote Operation Development Utilizing Digital Twin Pekka Isto, Tapio Heikkilä, Aarne Mämmelä, Mikko Uitto, Tuomas Seppälä and Jari Ahola
27 Optimal control maps for fuel efficiency and emissions reduction in maritime diesel engines Kai Zenger and Hoang Nguyen Khac
28 Robust and Perfect Tracking Control of a DC Servo Motor Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen
30 State feedback control of a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Tomi Räsänen and Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen
31 Improving tracking performance of composite nonlinear feedback controllers via new reset and hold feature of nonlinear functions Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen and Matti Vilkko
32 Automaatioinsinöörin kompetenssit ja osaamisen oppiminen Jaakko Etto and Matti Paaso
33 Automaation etälaboraatioiden ja etäopetuksen kehittäminen Jaakko Etto and Matti Paaso
35 Simulation Platform for Industrie 4.0 Components with OPC UA Jouni Aro, Lauri Saikko and Markus Johansson
36 On-line moisture content estimation of saw dust via machine vision. Art Valta, Mika Ruusunen and Kauko Leiviskä
37 An integrated positioning and mapping sensor for forest machinery Heikki Hyyti, Juha Mäkelä, Antero Kukko and Harri Kaartinen
38 Utilizing CrossControl’s multifunctional display computer in industrial IoT use cases Henri Pettinen and Marko Elo
39 Plant-wide communication architecture enabling online life cycle assessment Petri Kannisto, David Hästbacka, Kari Rainio, Jussi Leinonen, Matias Alarotu, Tiina Pajula, Jouni Savolainen and Matti Vilkko
40 Differences of nuclear qualified automation equipment in comparison to industrial safety automation equipment Janne Peltonen
41 Verkottunut yhteistyö automaatiokoulutuksessa Tero Hietanen, Manne Tervaskanto, Timo Heikkinen and Satu Vähänikkilä
42 IoT based measurements to recognise pollutants in indoor air Arto Visala, Panu Harmo, Jorma Selkäinaho, Mirja Salkinoja-Salonen and Janne Luukkaa
43 Performance optimization of copper flotation at the Boliden Kylylahti plant Sakari Kauvosaari, Jani Kaartinen and Markus Torvinen
44 Performance optimization of paste thickening at the Yara Siilinjärvi plant Mika Kosonen, Eemeli Ruhanen, Sakari Kauvosaari and Chris Meintjes
45 Practical experience of the applicability of artificial intelligence and related methods Matti Ketonen
46 Mean value modelling of maritime diesel engines Amin Modabberian, Hoang Khac Nguyen and Kai Zenger
47 A tool for finding inclusion clusters in steel SEM specimens Anna-Mari Wartiainen, Markus Harju, Satu Tamminen, Leena Määttä, Tuomas Alatarvas and Juha Röning
48 Automaation tulevaisuus – Tekoälyn ja ihmisen vuorovaikutuksia Mika Karaila
49 Industrial edge computing applications Jukka Koskinen, Petri Tikka and Hannu Tanner
50 Machine learning for object detection in legacy P&I diagrams Jukka K. Nurminen, Kari Rainio, Jukka-Pekka Numminen, Timo Syrjänen, Niklas Paganus and Karri Honkoila
51 Simulation-based optimization in the cloud Timo Korvola, Jari Lappalainen and Jukka K. Nurminen
52 Using Digital Twin Technology in Engineering Education – Course Concept to Explore Benefits and Barriers Antti Liljaniemi and Heikki Paavilainen
53 Intelligent methods for root cause analysis behind the centerline deviation of the steel strip Henna Tiensuu, Satu Tamminen, Olli Haapala and Juha Röning
54 Reinforcement learning for economic lot scheduling Hannu Rummukainen and Jukka K. Nurminen
55 Optimization of Facility Layout on the Basis of Example Solutions Hannu Rummukainen, Jukka K. Nurminen, Timo Syrjänen and Jukka-Pekka Numminen
56 Data-Based Experiment Design to Maximize Information for MIMO System Identification Kurt-Erik Häggblom
57 Mass flow-based controls with solids measurements reduce sludge handling costs Heli Karaila and Lauri Valtiala
58 Modeling and optimization of distributed energy resources microgrids Yrjö Majanne, Tomas Björkqvist, Pertti Järventausta and Matti Vilkko
59 MBS simulations in automation Juha Saaranen
60 Expertise and uncertainty processing in automation Esko Juuso
61 Successful I&C renewal project of Loviisa NPP Petteri Lehtonen
63 Jatkuva-aikaiset impedanssimittaukset osana älykkäitä akkujärjestelmiä Jussi Sihvo, Joona Leinonen, Tomi Roinila and Tuomas Messo
64 Online Life Cycle Assessment: Case Vinyl Acetate Monomer Process Francisco José Gómez, Matias Alarotu, Gerardo Santillán, Tommi Karhela and Takahiro Kanbe
66 Fault-Tolerant Valve Control Mats Friman
67 Photoplethysmography signal analysis to assess sauna exposure, arterial elasticity and recovery Matti J Huotari, Kari Määttä and Juha Röning
68 Feedback Control of a Tower Crane Leevi Raivio and Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen