Welcome to the Finnish Society of Automation!

The goal of the Finnish Society of Automation is to promote the development of theory and applications in automation technology, and to act as a platform for exchange of experiences between users of automation.

The activities of the society include everything within automation, including research, planning, manufacturing, marketing, and maintenance. An important goal is to maintain and support the appreciation of automation. Contacts with domestic and foreign organizations and actors are important for maintenance of one’s competence, and the society supports that. The Society of Automation provides a unique environment for development and interaction for all actors in the field of automation.

The society is run by its board, which is elected by the members in a fall meeting.


Sections, the meeting place for experts — something for every member!

The society acts mainly through its sections and committees: experts meet and share knowledge for the wellbeing of the automation community. At the moment, the society has the following sections and committees: Energy, computer vision, manufacturing, building automation, simulation, security, maintenance, OPC, BACnet, education, technology, internationalization & IMEKO.

More information about the sections and committees' activities, goals, events, contacts etc is found under Sections and committees (in Finnish).


The Foundation for Automation and other support for the automation community

The Society of Automation has established a Foundation for Automation for promotion and support of research in automation, participation in scientific conferences, publications, production of textbooks, and other activities that support automation in Finland.

The society grants scholarships to engineering students in the graduation phase for well written thesis and successful studies. Furthermore, the Society gives an automation prize for recognition of significant contributions for promotion of automation.


The magazine Automaatioväylä, publishing and bookstore

The Society of Automation produces a magazine, Automaatioväylä, together with the Finnish Measurement and Control Technical Association. The magazine is published six times a year, and it's complimentary for the members of the society.

The society acts as a publisher and has its own internet bookstore.


Latest news from automation is obtained from the events!

The Finnish Society of Automation has since 1966 organized Automation Days (Automaatiopäivät). The Automation Days are in its present form an important professional seminar, which is held biannually.


Contact the Society of Automation!
Chairman of the board Outi Rask, TAMK: outi.rask(at)iki.fi, outi.rask(at)tuni.fi

Executive Director Marko Vuorio: tel. +358 45 604 2121, marko.vuorio(at)automaatioseura.fi 
Organizational and event coordinator Anu Randén-Siippainen: tel. +358 50 400 6624, office(at)automaatioseura.fi