Safety of Industrial Automated Systems – SIAS 2024, June 12-13, 2024, Tampere, Finland

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Scientific Committee and National Programme Committee Chair, Editor: Timo Malm, Finland
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Defeating of Protective Devices: Results of a Recent Survey Stefan Ottodefeating, bypassing, safeguard, protective device, safety culture
Smart mining and emerging occupational health and safety risks in the mining industry: A literature review Seyedeh Arezoo Baghaei Naeini1, François Gauthier2, Adel BadriKeywords: smart mining, technology, automation, emerging risk, OHS
Balancing intended collaboration and safety requirements during the design and implementation of an industrial cobot application - A case study Burlet-Vienney D. , Jocelyn S. , Gauvin C. , Law C.H. , Galy B. Zargarbashi S.H.H.collaborative robotics, intended human-robot interactions, residual risk, robotic tool, rotating disc
Evaluation of mechanical collisions at workplaces with collaborative robots Zimmermann J., Clermont M., Nischalke-Fehn G., Karacic N.mechanical hazards; collaborative robots; safety validation; ISO 10218, ISO/TS 15066
Comparing cybersecurity and functional safety risk assessments Malm T., Tiusanen R. & Berger J.Risk assessment, cybersecurity, functional safety, safety of machinery
Cyber risk and machine safety: towards the integration of cyber risk assessment into occupational risk assessment? Lamy P., Perrin N., Ghadban N.cyber risk assessment, connected machines, cybersecurity, machine
Assessing an automated mining operation with STPA Berger J., Tiusanen R, Malm TSystems-Theoretic Process Analysis, mine automation industry, system safety
Effects of various factors on Power and Force Limitation function of collaborative robots Tihay D., Sghaier A.Collaborative robot, power and force limitation ABSTRACT
Design Requirements Related to Human Information Processing for Detecting People on Camera-Monitor Systems (CMS) of Mobile Machines Nickel P.1 Qi S., Menozzi system design, prevention through human information processing, person detection
Identification of safety risks in mixed traffic concepts in industrial sites Tiusanen R.., Berger J. & Malm T.autonomous, work machine, conceptual design, hazard identification, risk assessment
Towards Safer Supervisor-Machine Shared Decision-Making for Runtime Hazard Mitigation in Highly Automated Off-road Machinery Marea de Koning, Tatiana Minav , Willie L . Brown, Reza GhabchelooAutomation, Machinery, Safety, Legislation, AI proposal, Machinery regulation, Risk management, Decision-making, Runtime Hazard Mitigation
How can functional AI be safely integrated into a machine? Sarrey Martificial intelligence, machine, safe design
Design of Work Equipment According to Human Factors and Ergonomics for Machine and System Safety Nickel P., Monica L., Wichtl system design, human information processing, design principles, display, control actuator
Holistic Approach to build the Global Platform of Collaborative Safety based on the Wellbeing Technology Toshiyuki KAJIYA, Masahiko ARIYAMA, Koji AKAMATSU
EU safety regulations and standards for autonomous mobile machinery Malm T., Tiusanen R. & Berger J.Mobile machinery, autonomous, safety of regulations
Positive Safety and Well-being Technology: Embracing Collaborative Safety for Workers’ Safety, Health and Well-being at Work Mukaidono M., Kajiya T., Fujita T.positive safety, collaborative Safety2.0, Well-being Tech
A systematic activity for safety education and awareness at a rental company of temporary equipment to workers at construction sites Koremura Y., Shimizu S., Hojo education and awareness, construction, workbench
Study on dangerous and safe errors of human towards realizing collaborative safety - Examine of workability using safety/danger signals on tablet Shimizu S., Omata K., Nobuhiro M., Araya S., Koremura Y., Hojo R.dangerous error, safe manufacturing, occupational safety
Machine safety with collaborative press brake application Pirttilahti J., Hirvonen J.cobot, press brake, metal manufacturing industry
Innovative assistance system to prevent accidents on sliding table saws Seifen, T., Beckers Mcamera-based AI-system, assistant system, protective device, sliding table saw
CALCULATING THE RELIABILITY OF A ZERO-ENERGY STATE SYSTEM Poisson P., Ben Aziza M.N., Jocelyn S., Chinniah Y.CSA Z460, ISO 13849, lockout tagout, machine safety, alternative methods
A Study of Safety Radar as a Three-Dimensional Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment Nishigaki R., Hirano A., Nomura T.Safety Sensor, Distance, Radar, Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment, Radar Cross Section
Collaborative Safety to Improve Safety and Productivity Simultaneously at Manufacturing Site - Theory and Effect Araya S., Fukui H., Nobuhiro M., Shimizu S., Nakachi K., Mori T., Murata N., Yano H., Hojo R., Koremura Y., Yasui N.Collaborative safety, Risk assessment, reduction, Human characteristic, behaviour, Productivity, ANSHIN, Well-being, robot, AMRs
Relation between safety and happiness for worker at work - Introduction of case studies from quantitatively measure and visualize well-being to connect to “KAIZEN” Hojo R., Anada K., Koremura Y., Shoken S.well-being (WB) occupational safety, KAIZEN, Behaviour Analysis
“Safety Associates Council: Improving the competence of safety-qualified personnel and contributing to the reduction of occupational accidents.” Hiroshi Matsuura, Takahiro Uehara, Saori TaketaOrganization of safety-qualified personnel, Contribute to society, Reduction occupational accident, Works across companies
Survey for reduce the burden on snow removal work Sakai Liunosuke, Hojo Rieko, Takahashi Kengo,Sano Masatomo, Abe Masajirowinter survice, snow removal machinery, automation, reduce burden, construction safety,
Proposal for “Anshin Stop Switch” based on behavior analysis Nakabo Y., Suita K., Anada K.Robot Safety, Service Robot, Collaboration, Safety Stop Switch, 3-Step Method
Use Cases of Specific Initiatives Leading to Vision Zero Promotion and ISO 45001 certification, Which Proved Effective in Building a Safety Culture Masao Dohi, Hirofumi Fukutsuka, Masaki Nobuhiro, Hideki YamadaVision Zero, ISO45001, Safety and Anshin, Culture
Importance of Education and Qualification Systems to Embrace a Holistic Approach of Human, Technology, Management and Rule Formation for Advancing Safety,Health, and Well-being at Work Fujita T., Ariyama M., Maeda I., Mukaidono M.Collaborative Safety, Safety Assessor Qualification Systems, Vision Zero
Safety Pilot: Digital Risk Assessment Integrated into Robot Programming Scharping R., Behrens R., Elkmann risk assessment, power and force limiting, model-based validation of biomechanical limits
Design and Development of a Roaming Wireless Safety Emergency Stop Henry Beuster, Thomas Doebbert, Christoph Cammin, Dmytro Krush, Gerd Schollfunctional safety, wireless, IO-Link Wireless, roaming
Proposal of Method to Consider Supporting Actions by Caregivers in Risk Evaluation of Robotic Devices for Nursing Care Saito T., Ikeda H.machinery safety, risk assessment, robotic devices for nursing care, caregiver’s supporting action
Enhancing Safety and Usability in the Design of a Powered Exoskeleton for Spinal Cord Injury Oyama H., Ikeda H.powered exoskeleton, spinal cord injury, assistive technology, safety, usability
Examination of unsafe behaviour and conditions causing human errors during human machine interaction in a collaborative production system Tsukiyama K., Hojo Rrisk assessment, safety of machinery, occupational safety, Behaviour Analysis, well-being,
Promotion of Standardization Activities on "Collaborative Safety" Tatsuo Takeshige, Takahiro Takahashi, Kenjiro Ueda,Tamio Tanikawa,Hiroshi MatsuuraStandardization, Collaborative Safety, Well-being, Balancing productivity and safety, Use cases for Safety
Collaborative Safety System for Self-propelled Elevating Work Platforms Achieves ANSHIN and Well-being Workplace for Workers and Managers Mori T., Nobuhiro M., Nakai T., Dohi Mconstruction machine, site, self-propelled elevating work platforms, collaborative safety, well-being, ANSHIN, three-position enabling switch
Case study of Conformity Assessment based on ISO 31101 and Safety management systems of Robotic Services Nakabo Y., Suita K*., Fujimoto H., Kubo H., Goda I., Kushibiki T., Ikuma H., Matsubayashi N., Takeshima HISO 31101, Service robots, Safety management system, Conformity assessment, Case study
Regulations and standards for Robotics and Autonomous Systems in the UK machinery sector Chambers C., Hall N.Standards, Guidance, New and Emerging Technologies, Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Cyber security
The study of design and operation of collaborative machines - risk assessment and communication Hiroo KanamaruCollaborative machine, Risk assessment, communication, Lifecycle
RAS Safety Framework: A Digital Twin-Based Approach to Assurance of Complex Systems Johnson Needle N., Douthwaite J., Emre Y., Law J., Hall assurance, cobot safety, structured assurance case, digital twin, regulatory compliance
New approach to industrial security offers also potential savings Stein J, Weitz M, Schmid AIndustrial Security, Safety, Control Systems, Controller Security Management, Remote Access, Network, Sustainability
Effects of Interspace and Safety2.0 implementation on safety and well-being in human robot collaborative environment Takayoshi S., Masaki N., Masao D.Common Ground, Interspace, Factory Automation, Collaborative safety, Safety2.0, ANSHIN, Well-being, robot, Service Autonomous Mobile Robot
Review of possibilities in the EYE-TRACKING LAB for the safety of process control operators Vjatsheslav Kekshin, Vladimir Kuts, Mihhail Derbnev, Martinš Sarkans
Fusion robotics safety; the emergency management system for the remote handling robots of JET Zoulias I.D., Preston B., Howell R., Houghton N., Blackburn J., Weerasooriya L., Blake J., Thomas J., Hermon G., Reece DTelerobotics Safety, Multidisciplinary safety design, Risk Assessment for robots, Human Factors, Functional safety, Fusion
Design methods of safety for facilities considering productivity in collaborative workspace Okada K., Ikeya Y., Kobayashi H., Inoue T., Suzuki M., Takenaka K.collaborative workspaces, productivity, risk communication
Tag - and Knowledge-based Standards Documentation Scharping R., Behrens R., Zimmermann J., Elkmann of mobile robotic machines, standard identification, knowledge-based documentation
Tendency surveys of drone-related accidents and evaluation of the effectiveness of protective equipment Ayumu Miyahara, Kosuke Yoshizaki, Soto Moreno Johan Alexis, Kengo Takahashi, Hiroki Igarashi, Toshiro Hoshi, Tetsuya KimuraDrone, UAS, UAV, Propeller, Risk Reduction, NEISS, Plane, Helicopter, PPE
A tale of automation safety: Lessons learned from automotive to aviation and beyond Gotcheva, Nautomation, organizational factors, institutional aviation, storytelling